Our Path to Heaven

Your friendly guides Fulton and Cynthia will take you on biblical adventures through Salvation History in the Building Blocks of Faith Series! Journey with them as they realize the power of typology - how the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New Testament and how the New is revealed in the Old - and how it can unlock your biblical knowledge and understanding. Discover the truths of our faith, as you hear the bible passages presented in a way that truly illuminates their meaning! Plus listen to the saints as they recount their reflections of our beautiful Faith.

I often say, just because something is profound, it doesn’t mean it needs to be complicated, our books are both profound and simplified. They show beauty and sacredness while captivating the attention of both young and old.  

Continue on these biblical journeys to learn how to worship God exactly how He taught us to worship Him, acknowledge the biblical foundations of our Faith, and deepen your understanding and love for the Sacraments and the Holy Mass!